Equity Property Relief INC.

EPR offers a new innovated way of marketing timeshares. With our video marketing campaigns, we now show potential buyers all of the resort's features; as well as its surroundings. Your video can be tracked to see all the people viewing your video. That also allows us to learn what viewers are selecting, so that we can optimize marketing for each resort. We will E-mail a video link to you upon publication. Video productions take about 7 business days to create.

 Once EPR is picked for the job of marketing, your portfolio is submitted to our dedicated staff of telemarketers. At this point it will be marketed to other timeshare owners who want additional time at a discount as well as to potential new owners.

 Website marketing is also included in every resort we market. Our method allows us to keep track of every inquiry we get at our website. The resort will also be marketed on Facebook, My Space, Twitter and other available media.

 EPR will include your Timeshare in an online auction, which will guarantee exposure and let the public know your resort is for sale.

 By law EPR will not charge a commission, appraisal fee, or a brokerage fee. No hidden cost of any kind.

 If you sell your resort within 30% of the original asking price EPR will refund your fee in full upon proof of sale.